Competition format

1. Deporvillage TriTour is a circuit that is set up in a league format, which encourages participation.

2. To qualify for the prizes of the general classification of the Deporvillage TriTour League you have to participate in at least half plus one race of the circuit, in other words, in 3 of the 4 races.

3. Each triathlete will receive points for the races he/she has participated in and finished. All the races are worth the same.

4. The first classified of each race, both in male and female category, will get a total of 1.500 points. Thereafter, the number of points decreases according to the following proportion:


1º – 5º             |     50 points of difference between each other

6º – 10º          |     25 points of difference between each other

11º – 20º        |     20 points of difference between each other

21º – 30º        |     15 points of difference between each other

31º – 40º        |     10 points of difference between each other

41º – 50º        |     5 points of difference between each other

51º en adelante   |     1 point of difference between each other


5. In the case of the Deltebre, Amposta and El Pont de Suert events, the highest score will be counted, in the case of participating in 2 different races.

6. There will be 7 categories, both for men and women. The age category will be determined by the age of the athlete on 31 December of the year in which the competition is held:

Youth (16-17 years old) |2007 – 2006
Junior (18-19 years old) | 2005 – 2004
U23 (20-23 years old) | 2003 – 2000
Senior (24-39 years old| 1999 – 1984
Veterans 1 (40-49 years old) | 1983 – 1974
Veterans 2 (50-59 years old) | 1973 – 1964
Veterans 3 (60 years old ald older) | 1963 and earlier

7. Within the Deporvillage TriTour League we will also have a classification of clubs, rewarding participation with up to €12,000 in prizes. You can consult the conditions of participation and scoring by clicking here..


Prizes and gifts

8. In each of the races, prizes or trophies will be given to the first 3 classified in each category, both male and female.

9. Once the League has finished, prizes will be given to the 3 first classified in each category, both male and female: Gifts from the collaborators and free registrations to the TriTour of the following year.



10. Registration for each of the races is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of all the articles of these regulations, as well as the conditions of purchase..

11. Registration for each location will normally close on the Thursday prior to each event or when the limit of participants is reached.

12. Registration to the Deporvillage TriTour League, in any of its races, means the total acceptance of these regulations. Anything that is not foreseen will be subject to the decision of the organization.



14. The split times of the three sections of the triathlon plus the times of the two transitions will be taken by chip timing. Chips, bibs and swim helmets will be provided by the organisation, the chips will have to be returned on the finish line.

15. Those who do not run a race with the chip in question will not be entitled to score in this race.


Rules per segments

16. In the swimming leg, it is permitted to put the race bib in the water as long as the athlete is wearing a wetsuit when its use is permitted (the race bib will always be placed under the wetsuit and will not be visible during this segment). In the cycling segment, the use of the bib is compulsory (it shall be visible from the back of the athlete). In the running segment, the use of the bib is compulsory and shall be visible on the front of the athlete.

17. In the cycling section, no triathlete will be allowed to participate without a rigid helmet with the three fastening points. The participant must also wear it whenever in contact with the bike, whether mounted or hand-held. Within the transition zone, it will not be allowed to ride on the bicycle.

18. In the Sprint and Olympic distances it is totally forbidden to carry any kind of support or attachment on the handlebars of the bicycle, although the use of mountain bikes is permitted, but without horns. In the Short and Half distances it is allowed to carry handlebar supports and it is forbidden to participate with a mountain bike. Drafting is forbidden in the Short and Half distances.


Participation and insurance

19. LParticipation in each of the triathlons that make up the circuit is open to athletes of any nationality, federated or not. Each participant takes part in the races at his/her own risk and has a sufficient level of physical condition and technical mastery to take part in them. In the Olympic, Short or Half distance events, the participation of young athletes (under 18 years old) is not allowed. Cadets (under 16 years of age) are not allowed to participate in the Sprint event.
Minors are not allowed to participate without the authorisation of a parent or legal guardian.

20. All the modalities can be disputed individually or in relay.

21. The relay modality is made up of teams of 2 or 3 components, where each member of the team will do a segment of the triathlon, that is to say, one does the swimming, another the cycling and the other the running. In the case there are 2 members, one of the two will do 2 segments. The place to wait for the person who has to do the next relay, and where the changeover takes place, is in the transition area (Boxes), where the bike is hung up together with the team bib number. It will never be in another area, otherwise the team will be disqualified.

22. The organisation will have civil liability insurance in accordance with current legislation. All non-federated participants will have a day accident insurance contracted by the organisation. This insurance will cover the following points:

  • Unlimited medical assistance for sports accidents in Spanish territory.
  • Invalidity according to the scale for sporting accidents up to 12.000€.
  • Death due to sporting accident up to 6.000€.

Notification of the sporting accident must be on the same day of the sporting event. Coverage for medical or medical-surgical assistance will only be in the health care centres agreed by the insurance company.


Cancellations and refunds

23. Once the registration for the event has been made, no refunds will be made, unless the event is suspended by decision of the organisation, for reasons attributable to it and/or for reasons related to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the cases described above, the registration fee will be refunded minus a €2 administration fee.

24. In the event of inclement weather that makes it impossible to hold any of the races with all of its segments, the organisers will carry out an alternative race in agreement with the judges. In no case will it be postponed to another date. Examples:

  • Cancellation of the swimming section due to bad sea or river conditions: duathlon.
  • Cancellation of the cycling section due to rain: aquathlon.
  • Cancellation of the cycling and swimming sections: running race.

25. In the event of extraordinary weather conditions or force majeure not attributable to the organisation and which make it impossible to hold the race, the organisation will not assume any responsibility and will not make any refund of the registration fee.

26. The organisation is not responsible for any physical, moral and/or material damages that may affect the participants and/or spectators during the race..

27. The participants exempt, in any case, the organisation from claims or demands for accidents or ailments that may be contracted or aggravated during the event, by actions or omissions, for personal injury or material damage, and, without limitation, for theft, robbery or damage / loss of material that may occur by their own acts, by other participants, or even third parties during the development of the activity.

The responsibility of the organiser of the event is that stipulated in art. 3 of Annex II of the current Traffic Regulations: the activity of the sporting event shall be governed by the rules established by these special regulations, the sporting regulations and other applicable rules.

28. A participant who is unable to attend a race in which he/she has registered may NOT transfer it to another participant under any circumstances.


Cancellation insurance

29. Through the registration form it will be possible to contract the registration cancellation insurance. The price of this insurance will be 20% of the base registration fee.

30. This insurance will be valid until 15 days before the celebration of the race. Until this date, the participant may request the reimbursement of 100% of the registration fee. In no case will the part corresponding to the amount of the insurance be refundable.


Security and medical assistance

31. Safety on public roads and traffic control will be the responsibility of the security forces of each municipality. In each of the three segments of the triathlon there will be medical assistance in accordance with current regulations, the number of participants and the high percentage of non-expert athletes in the Deporvillage TriTour circuit. The medical services will be authorised to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.



32. The following will be cause for disqualification: Receiving external assistance outside the authorised areas. Failure to complete the entire route marked by the organisers. Not complying with the established times. Exceeding the time limits set by the organisers. Dirtying the route. Dealing in a harmful manner with your own or other people’s material. Not being respectful with the organisation’s staff and with the rest of the participants. Not wearing the race bib on the front of the clothing during the footrace. Failure to provide assistance to any participant who may suffer any kind of accident. Having an attitude that the organisation may consider irresponsible and inappropriate.


Authorised vehicles

33. Motorised vehicles, bicycles or skaters that do not belong to the organisation will not be allowed to travel along the circuits of each race. Authorised vehicles monitoring the races shall carry visible identification at all times.


Accommodation bookings 

34. The amount of the accommodation package must be paid at the time of booking on the event registration form.  If payment is not received, no booking will be confirmed.

35. There is the option of taking out cancellation insurance, which will reimburse the cost of accommodation in the event of cancellation by the participant. This insurance will be valid until 15 days before the celebration of the event. Under no circumstances will the part corresponding to the amount of the insurance be refundable. In case of not contracting the cancellation insurance, EMP Sport Events will not make any refund if the accommodation package is cancelled.


Personal Data

36. Privacy Policy EMP Sport Events, as the entity responsible for this Website and in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, relating to the protection of natural persons, have implemented those policies, means as well as technical and organisational procedures to guarantee and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the personal data of its users. These data will be processed in a file/s duly registered at the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation. In the event that the data to be provided by the user is necessary for the EMP Sport Events team to (I) answer queries, provide information requested by the user; (II) provide all the services and/or products contracted or subscribed to by the user; (III) provide the user with access to certain functionalities of the website; or (IV) carry out all the activities of EMP Sport Events, as described herein, EMP Sport Events will inform the user of this obligation, indicating which data must necessarily be completed. By indicating, facilitating or introducing this data and in accordance with that established in article 6 of the L.O.P.D.G.D.D. the user grants unequivocal consent to EMP Sport Events to proceed with the treatment of the data supplied for the purposes mentioned above as well as for the eventual sending of commercial communications from EMP Sport Events that may be of interest to the user. The entity responsible for the database, as well as the persons who intervene in any phase of the processing and/or the entities to which the data have been communicated – if necessary and by virtue of the corresponding authorisation given by the user – are obliged to observe professional secrecy and to adopt the levels of protection and the technical and organisational measures within their reach that guarantee the security of the personal data, avoiding, as far as possible, unauthorised access, illicit modifications, theft and/or loss of data, in order to ensure the corresponding level of security for the files of EMP Sport Events, according to the nature and sensitivity of the data provided by users of this website. Likewise, EMP Sport Events undertakes to have implemented the corresponding security measures in accordance with that established in the Regulation of Security Measures (R.D. 1720/2007). Users have recognised by the aforementioned Organic Law on Data Protection the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition and, if necessary, the right to revoke at any time the consent to receive commercial communications, by sending an e-mail to: info@wefeelvents.com.

37. However, and in accordance with the interests of sport, promotion and exploitation (reproduction of photographs of the circuit, broadcasting of videos, publication of rankings, etc.) by means of any device (television, internet, graphic advertising, etc.) and without time limit, the registered participants expressly grant the organisation the right to reproduce their name and surname, the place obtained in the ranking, their photographs and their videos.