Clubs League


Deporvillage TriTour is triathlon, passion, fun and, from now on, up to 12.000€ in cash prizes for the Deporvillage TriTour 2023 clubs league.


Since the first edition we have worked to offer a great experience in any of our four events. Special locations, circuits designed to enjoy, the possibility of competing in four different modalities in one weekend, attention to detail and attention to the participant have been the focus of our efforts to be a different triathlon circuit.


We want to go one step further, we listen to your requests and try to adapt them in the next editions. Promoting triathlon and, as far as possible, helping the clubs is something that also defines us.


We are very proud to present the DEPORVILLAGE TRITOUR CLUBS LEAGUE, with 12.000 € in cash prizes.


The DEPORVILLAGE TRITOUR CLUB LEAGUE will be focused on the HALF distance: 


– It is designed for Clubs.

– Prizes will be awarded to the clubs that achieve the highest score in 3 of the 4 Deporvillage TriTour events.

– To score points they must participate representing the club, and finish the race a minimum of 3 men for the men’s league and 3 women for the women’s league.

– The final classification is determined by the sum of the 3 best scores in 3 Deporvillage TriTour events.

– It is essential to have participated in 3 TriTour events to be eligible for the prize.



In this way, the sum of the 3 best male and 3 best female classified of each club, will give the classification in each of the races (the lower the total time, the better the position in the classification).


In each event, points will be distributed as follows:


1st classified: 100 points
2nd classified: 95 points
3rd classified: 90 points
4th classified: 85 points
5th classified: 80 points
6th classified: 75 points
7th classified: 70 points
8th classified: 65 points
9th classified: 60 points
10th classified: 55 points


At the end of the circuit, the scores of all the races will be added up and the result will be the final podium of the DEPORVILLAGE TRITOUR CLUB LEAGUE. In the case of a equal number of points, the average time of the qualifying races shall be taken into account and the average shall be calculated.



In the case of Deporvillage TriTour Tossa de Mar, the last stop of the circuit, does not have HALF distance, but in order to serve as a repechage for those clubs that have only been able to participate in 2 TriTour races in HALF distance, it will also score for the league but with a different score in the Olympic distance.


1st classified: 70 points
2nd classified: 65 points
3rd classified: 60 points
4th classified: 55 points
5th classified: 50 points
6th classified: 45 points
7th classified: 40 point


The prizes for the Deporvillage TriTour Club League will be:


1st classified Men’s Club: 3.000 €.
1st classified Women’s Club: 3.000 €.


2nd classified Men’s Club: 2.000 €
2nd classified Women’s Club: 2.000 €


3rd classified Men’s Club: 1.000 €
3rd classified Women’s Club: 1.000 €